Bayside childcare is a fully equipped children’s centre



We offer breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack every day. The meals are made with quality fresh ingredients, prepared and cooked on site by our cook Shanika.


Children’s Bathroom

This includes two toilets, wash basins, soap dispensers and a hand dryer. It also has a children’s shower and a changing mat. The bathroom is monitored by the staff through closed circuit television for the safety of the children.


Joeys’ Room

This has a capacity for 8 children between the ages of 6 weeks and 2 years old and is run by Tegan. The children participate in a variety of age-appropriate activities including music, art and play experiences.



Kangas’ Room

This caters for up to 7 children aged 2-3 years and is run by Darcie. The children enjoy a variety of play-based learning activities and group time experiences.



Kinder Room

This has a capacity for 10 children and is run by our kinder teacher, Sarah. The available learning experiences are rotated regularly based on the children’s interests and learning goals. Some permanent fixtures include the book corner, the block corner, the home corner and a table of interest.



Art Room

This includes a writing/drawing table, a painting easel, recycled craft materials and a variety of other art supplies. We do some guided art projects and the children are also free to create their own artworks.




We pride ourselves on having a natural outdoor environment which encourages exploration and active play. There is a digging patch, a sand pit, a bike track, a home corner, a basketball hoop, a slide, a swing, a climbing tree and an obstacle course. There are also a variety of resources in the shed that can be set up for the children. We have a rabbit and chickens which the children love to help care for. Supporting sustainable practice, we have a vegetable patch that the children help to maintain, a worm farm for the children to put their scraps in and a water tank that the children can access freely for their play.



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