Our Kinder program is designed to equip children with the skills they will need to be successful at school next year. Through a variety of educational activities the children develop their abilities and understanding in the areas of social interaction, emotional management, language, literacy and numeracy. Each day we have a Spotlight Activity – Music, Science, Kiddy Gym, Art, Cooking or Drama – which are the Kinder equivalent of subjects they will be learning at school. Throughout the day children engage in individual tasks, cooperative play and group activities. Learning experiences are tailored to children’s individual needs and interests to promote engagement and optimal learning and development.



Our 2-4 year old program provides age-appropriate learning experiences that meet each child at their current level of development and promote optimal growth. Children begin to learn how to play cooperatively with their peers, explore and investigate the world around them, learn more about themselves and others, and engage with fun educational materials. The children develop a sense of agency as they make choices about their play and learn responsibility for themselves, their belongings and their actions.



In our baby room the children begin to gain independence through the development of self-help skills such as moving on their own and feeding themselves. They learn language skills through books, songs and nursery rhymes. They begin to learn social skills such as communication, sharing and side-by-side play. They also enjoy playing with age-appropriate toys, exploring the indoor and outdoor environment, making artwork and engaging in a variety of other learning experiences. As they grow older they begin orientation for the Kangas room.


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